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Artwork By Don Ricci

Feel free to grab a cup O'Joe and sit back and enjoy.
My passion for aviation and joy of art have come together in one of the most rewarding things I have ever done, nose art on beautiful aircraft. Enjoy the site and photos in the artwork section on the links area of the left of this page. Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions at all. Safe flying!!!!
As I work on paintings I'll be posting them to be blog below.  Check back often for updates!
I was recently Interviewed by the Press Democrat, Check out the Interview here

Welcome to the nose art guy web page!
I hope you enjoy the photos and stories on some of the art pieces and experiences I have had the extreme luck to do. Some of the most beautiful aircraft and the coolest people I have ever met. For example, click
HERE to see the “Ace Maker” T-33 nose art and flight to Nellis Air Force Base with the Pilot Greg “Wired” Colyer. Click through the blog links below as they march down the front page and click on the page numbers below for the next page of nose art…




Ace Maker 

Nov 24
F-80 Shooting Star 6 gun front section. Sassy Lassy
See Sassy Lassy being restored Here
One of my most prized possessions. This restored front 6 gun nose off of the F-80 Shooting Star from the Korean Conflict. Who knows how many missions this did overseas. It took hundreds of hours of polishing to get the mirror finish. This will make a great mini bar at home!
Nov 24
Custom Flighelmet for Greg Colyer at Acemaker Airshows
Kind of a step away from the nose art I love to paint was this great painting on Greg's HGU-33 with his call sign of "Wired". The red lightening on metallic black with candy coat looks awesome! You can see Wired fly his T-33 at several airshows nation wide.
Apr 23
Battlin Becky Nose Art Panel
       See Battlin' Becky
A great nose art panel done for a friend of mine who is a great warbird fan. We came up with the idea of painting up nose art of his wife Becky. Glad she likes it Chief! It looks great hanging on your shop!
Apr 23
Complete Miss C-118 Cowling
 See Complete Miss Here
Apr 23
Scuse Me While I Kiss The Sky
See Scuse Me HERE
Here is a great piece of nose art I was able to create for a guy back east flying his beautifully restorred PA-12. She's a beauty. A great nose art piece utilizing the airbrushed pin up converted to a ultra high definition vinyl graphic. A great way to get nose art on your aircraft! I can paint your nose art on a panel, we scan it, then the vinyl is crated and shipped. It is beautiful!
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Painting OCC  
​​Don Ricci
Aviation Art
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 The Man Behind the Art

"I truly believe in doing nose art with honor to the nostalgia of this great aviation tradition. I truly feel with every brush stroke I am following in the footsteps of those crews in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm who took the time to personalize the aircraft. I love seeing the look on the face of the owner of the aircraft when they see the piece for the first time. All the hours of prep, study and research, coupled with the effort and time I put into 'their baby' makes it all worth while. When I am out on the flightline or in the hangar working on the aircraft there is a connection that I seem to form with the aircraft. When the painting is done and I watch the aircraft fly off, it's bitter sweet. I am proud as hell seeing another piece of my art fly, but on the same token, I am going to miss being with the aircraft. It's almost like it's one of my kids. That's how much heart I put into my work....

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